Business Development

Throughout the years of operations, the company has gained keen insight to the unique financial markets of Indonesia, and differentiates those that work and do not.

Further services provided by INVESTINDO include a full range of treasury services that are available to distinguished customers, including cash management, currency trading and hedging, derivatives and arbitrage trading. Assets are protected against currency exchange risks, while at the same time, the company maximizes on asset values.

INVESTINDO strives to ensure peace-of-mind investments, and continue to pursue innovative solutions during this adverse investment climate and challenging market conditions.

INVESTINDO looks into growth in a sound and innovative approach to financial services. The key element is to tap information from local and international institutional investor in order to capitalize as many business opportunities as possible. This, combined with a variety of up-dated solutions resulted from pro-active brainstorming, will bring the concept of elevating stadards a benchmark in the industry.

With exemplary research and established relationship built over the years, the company aims to consistently provide credit quality and dynamic economic environment.